Safe Buyer - Who Really Owns That Bank Account?

Home buyers are being targeted by fraudsters in what is becoming an unfortunately common crime. Correspondence between a buyer and their conveyancer is being intercepted, and the fraudster impersonates the firm, providing fake bank details. The buyer then transfers their deposit money to this fraudulent account, thinking that they have been liaising with their conveyancer.

This type of fraud, known as Buyer Deposit Redirection Fraud, is costing innocent buyers £45,000 a day.

By the time anyone has detected any suspicious activity, the money has been withdrawn or transferred abroad, leaving the buyer out of pocket and often without a home.

Safe Buyer is a bank account verification tool that allows buyers to confirm that the bank details provided by their conveyancer are genuine, providing security and peace of mind before they transfer their deposit over.

Find your conveyancer to use Safe Buyer.

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